Disney Related M!As

Alice: Muse delusional and sees things that aren't really there for (anon specifies time)
Ariel: Muse becomes a mermaid whenever they touch water for three days.
Bashful: Muse blushes and becomes embarrassed whenever attention is brought to them for (anon specifies time)
Captain Hook: Muse becomes a pirate for (anon specifies time)
Caterpillar (Alice in Wonderland): Muse is high for 24 hours straight
Cheshire Cat: Muse is a shape shifter for (anon specifies time)
Chicken Little: Muse becomes scared of everything for eight hours
Chip and Dale: Muse's twin brother shows up for a week (only applies if the muse has no twin already)
Dory: Muse has short term memory loss for (anon specifies time)
Dumbo: Muse becomes incredibly self conscious for 24 hours
Dutchess: Muse becomes a diva for (anon specifies time)
Jessie/Woody: Muse becomes a cowboy/girl for 24 hours
Lady: Muse becomes a woman for three days
Mad Hatter: Muse becomes mentally insane (crazy) for (anon specifies time)
Nemo: Muse gets lost somewhere and must be found
Peter Pan: Muse has the heart of child for five hours
Pinocchio: Muse lies about everything for (anon specifies time)
Queen of Hearts: Muse tries to control everything for three hours
Simba: Muse becomes a kitty/lion (hybird) for (anon specifies time)
Stitch: Muse becomes mutated (in whatever way) for (anon specifies time)
Timon: Muse is carefree for 24 hours
Tramp: Muse becomes a man for three days
White Rabbit: Muse doesn't relax (runs around doing tasks) for five hours
Winnie the Pooh: Muse eats everything in sight for 24 hours
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